Meg Allred

  • Executive Director & Intake Coordinator


I have an extensive background working in management, human resources, and customer relations and bring over two decades of experience in my role as Executive Director for ClearView Psychological Services. 

As Executive Director, I oversee the strategic direction and day-to-day operations to ensure the delivery of high-quality care to all our clients.

I have a passion for creating an empathetic, inviting, and organized work environment. My goal is to help make sure that every experience encountered at ClearView is an effective and positive one for the families and clients we serve. 

I have lived in the West, Midwest, Northeast, and Northwest of the United States ad also in Germany. 

I have experienced some of life’s best adventures alongside my husband and my three kids.  As a family, we have enjoyed traveling all over the US and abroad together.  I love to do home improvement projects, paddleboard, bake, and hang out with family and friends.