person in forest, photo by Joseph YoungWe provide comprehensive psychological, neuropsychological, and psychoeducational assessment and consultation services for clients age 8 and older.

The ClearView Psychological Services team is unique in that we ensure to carefully pair a lead psychologist to each case and based on area of specialization and overall fit. All of our cases are case reviewed by our dynamic team and all reports are peer-reviewed before completion.

Psychological assessment is a process of information gathering and formal testing that uses a combination of evidence-based measures and techniques to better understand an individual’s behavior, personality, and cognitive strengths and weaknesses.

Psychological assessment is conducted only by a licensed psychologist who has been trained to administer and interpret psychological measures. Our team will not only provide you with a sense of psychological liabilities and weaknesses, but a clear understanding of strengths, assets, and how they can support greater wellness.

The use of psychological tests requires years of training that involves not only learning how to administer the tests, but also how to incorporate information from a variety of tests, background information, and interviews, with the clinical knowledge of theories, of research, of the nature of psychological problems, of personality styles, and of human development. Psychologists are the only mental health professionals who are fully trained and qualified to use psychological tests. At ClearView Psychological Services our psychologists are not only proficient in best practices and administration, but collaborate and consult on all of our assessment cases to ensure we provide the greatest care to our clients.

Arches National Park, photo by Nathaniel FoonA good psychological assessment does not rely on a single test or even a single type of test. Instead, it relies on the synthesis of convergent data (information) from carefully administered formal measures, clinical observation and evaluation, and a thorough history from the client and those close to him or her.

Psychological assessment offers insight into the severity of a particular disturbance and of the capacity for adaptive (healthy) functioning. It is a formal and structured way of gathering objective information about a person for the purpose of making decisions and sorting out questions regarding best treatment and prognosis. A comprehensive assessment will identify needs in therapy, highlight issues that may come up in treatment, recommend specific interventions, and offer guidance to ensure productive treatment outcomes.

A comprehensive psychological assessment begins with a clinical interview, and includes any number of psychological tests depending on the nature of our client’s history and profile. Testing generally takes several hours to administer. Psychological tests can include assessments of personality styles, emotional well-being, intellect, academic achievement, neurological injury or compromise, learning differences and disorders, developmental disorders, and specific psychological disturbances and their severity.

person standing on rock formation, photo by Cédric FrixonThe evaluation will include interviews with significant others (such as parents, spouses, or teachers), as well as a review of past records and relevant documents.

Finally, a formal integrated written report of findings is provided along with recommendations based on those findings. Once a client has reviewed the written assessment, the psychologist will meet with the client and/or family to discuss the findings, implications, and recommendations.

We are also happy to consult with other care professionals involved in our clients’ care.

At ClearView, we take care to put together the most appropriate battery of measures based on our clients’ needs; however, the most common batteries we offer are:

  • Comprehensive Assessment

    This battery offers a comprehensive view of functioning across cognitive, academic, personality, and behavioral/executive functioning measures.

  • Learning Disability Assessment

    A careful and detailed examination of learning issues and vulnerabilities, including nonverbal learning disorder, dysgraphia, dyslexia, reading disorders, mathematics disorders, etc.

  • Personality Assessment

    This battery focuses on clarifying personality, emotional well-being, and a wide-range of mental health issues including anxiety, depression, mood disorders, psychosis, coping resources, and adaptive functioning.

  • Personality plus Behavioral Assessment

    This assessment adds measures that examine behavioral and executive functioning issues to the personality battery.

  • Neuropsychological Assessment

    Includes measures relied on in a comprehensive battery and with the inclusion of specific neurological measures customized to the needs and profile of our client.

In addition to these primary types of psychological assessments, our psychologists may include a variety of additional measures; for example, those measuring memory, neurological status, vocational interests, etc.

Our fee for assessment includes:

  • In-person test administration and interview.
  • Collateral interviews with family members and/or essential others.
  • A written comprehensive report that includes a careful description of applicable academic, family, and social history, behavioral and other testing session observations, and standard scores on most testing measures. The report will also include a thorough summary that address the referral questions and proposed rule-outs. It will also provide formal diagnoses and careful recommendations (both in regards to current and future treatment planning).
  • A complete and thorough consultation to review findings, recommendations, and implications with the individual/family and all other involved professionals.
  • If applicable, we also consult with treating clinicians to support effective and evolved treatment planning based on the findings of the assessment.

Because we customize our assessments to our individual clients, please contact us directly to schedule a consultation and quote.