The ClearView Team

“The team at ClearView Psychological Services is second to none. Every psychologist in their practice provides the highest level of attention to detail, knowledge, best practices, and work with families in a sensitive and caring way. They recognize the work they provide is meaningful and necessary to the clients they serve and that comes through in every aspect of their work and communication. They are consistently my first choice when it comes to recommending a testing psychologist.”

— Educational Consultant

“We have found ClearView Psychological Services to be incredible to work with. Over the years, we have worked with many psychological testers and always appreciate the time and responsiveness from Dr. Cluff and his team. ClearView Psychological Services has made psychological testing for our clients and their families a smooth process, which is a great relief during a time with so many questions and concerns. Their reports are thorough and valuable for both short-term and long-term treatment planning. The team is kind and helpful in breaking down all of the measures, patiently answering any and all questions, and providing feedback to our own team of professionals. These results don’t just focus on the symptoms or diagnoses; instead, dig into the roots of the client’s concerns and provide a comprehensive and non-judgmental picture of our mutual client’s functioning. I would highly recommend ClearView Psychological Services.”

— Therapist in Residential Treatment

“I have read literally thousands of psychological and neuropsychological evaluations over my forty years in psychology and I must say that your assessment was exceptional. After reading many neuropsychological evaluations I’m left feeling that the information is complete and understandable for other clinicians but rarely do I see an eval that is written in such a way that providers who are not psychologists could make sense of, and apply, the information within. This is an excellent report. It is refreshing to see such a quality piece of work.”

— Director of Clinical Services Residential Treatment

“Psychological testing is often requested of my clients for diagnostic clarity, and for college accommodations. Unfortunately, it’s not always included within a residential program. When it is recommended by a program, parents are often apprehensive about the idea of their young adult completing a battery of assessments. That is, until they speak with ClearView Psychological Services. From the moment of the initial conversation detailing the process and timeline, to carefully matchmaking the expert Psychologist with the young adult and family, to the submission of the final report, this team is the definition of professionalism. As a Consultant often speaking with Psychologists, I find the ClearView Psychological Services team most inquisitive, ethical, and collaborative.”

— Therapeutic Consultant

Our Clinicians

Dr. Joshua J. Cluff, PsyD, Clinical Psychologist

“Raising a complex son with multiple diagnoses has exposed Tom and me to a considerable number of educators, counselors, diagnosticians, consultants and medical providers of all varieties over the years. A good majority have served us well; some were more or less average and a couple didn’t meet our son’s needs at all. Given his unique needs, we came to appreciate those exceptional few who were breakthrough providers – those who “got” him and gave us information, direction or treatment that made a difference.

As one of those exceptional providers, Tom and I want to say thank you for your recent work with our son. We relied on the recommendation of our educational consultant when calling ClearView for a psychological assessment and it was a total leap of faith on our part. We live in Texas and were not familiar with practices in Utah, which could perform an assessment, much less at a therapeutic wilderness program setting. Because we needed a timely assessment, I reached out to Dr. Cluff via email over a weekend. I was very surprised when that resulted in a Sunday phone call to discuss our needs.

Your report was outstanding in its thoroughness and clearly indicative of your extensive evaluation of our son’s medical and developmental history and prior test results. We were impressed by the number of tests performed, each designed to get at the nuances of his mental health picture. Your well-crafted report connects his medical history with his current state in a document that will serve him and his future medical providers well. Perhaps best of all, you were able to clearly communicate to Tom and me what your report concluded. This was critical for parents like us who used the information for making a program placement decision.

From start to finish our experience with you and ClearView was a most professional experience. Thank you for providing our family with the benefit of your expertise.”

— Parent of a student in a wilderness therapy program

“When my family found ourselves in a difficult situation, we were directed to Dr. Joshua Cluff. After another psychologist had produced a deeply flawed evaluation, Dr. Cluff acted quickly and yet thoroughly. He took the time necessary to gain the trust of a child who trusted few adults; to review the record; and to interview in depth those who knew the child. His demeanor was professional, yet empathetic and honest. The report he wrote, under a time constraint, was nuanced and well-reasoned, painting a clear picture of the child’s strengths and weaknesses and giving useful recommendations for minimizing risk factors and providing support. As a professional working with children in a related field, I am happy to recommend Dr. Cluff to anyone who needs his services.”

— Parent and School Psychologist

“I have had the distinct privilege of working side by side with Dr. Cluff and have collaborated many times with mutual clients since 2007. Dr. Cluff’s astute knowledge of psychological processes and respective healing modalities is of the highest caliber. He appreciates evidenced based practices and is constantly learning the latest in his effort to help his clients. Dr. Cluff has a gentle, open minded approach whereby his clients feel emotionally safe going to the toughest areas that are most vulnerable to truly heal in a real practical way.

Dr. Cluff is excellent when it comes to facilitating psychological testing. While using statistically valid and reliable measurements, he captures the true person’s humanity and context in order to develop an accurate picture and assessment. Better yet, he develops an effective plan that one can effectuate to alleviate their problems and experience real hope. When I need a client tested psychologically, I simply call Dr. Cluff.”

— Ruben Jimenez, LCSW
Author, The Road Home: A Guide for Parents with Teens or Young Adults Returning from Treatment

“I have been able to work with Dr. Joshua Cluff for over 17 years in many capacities. He has worked directly with my clients and is an amazing therapist with an unbelievable ability to connect with clients, and to get to the core issues. He always handles situations with insight and delivers things with integrity and poise. He has also done Psychological evaluations on many of my clients through the years. His reports are always thorough, insightful and written in a way that it is easy for parents to understand. Joshua has always gone far beyond my expectations on every situation we have worked on together. I fully support Dr. Cluff in any endeavor that he takes on, as I believe his skills as a therapist and evaluator are far above the norm.”

— Jason York III, Educational Consultant (therapeutic placements)

“Dr Joshua Cluff came into our lives at a time when our daughter was really struggling. With his insightful, intelligent, and very caring ways, Dr. Cluff helped not only our daughter to move on her in young life, but helped all of us to understand our place in our family dynamics and start working on what needed change.

The person who’d introduced us to Dr. Cluff had told me, ‘he has a very present, kind manner and you can be confused by it. But when you need to see Joshua’s strength and ability to manage a crisis, you realize the power behind that thoughtfulness.’ As we learned, she was absolutely right.”

— Lisa Y. Karlin, LMSW

Dr. Derra Gullickson, PsyD, Clinical Psychologist

Dr. Derra Gullickson personally interviewed and tested my son for the purposes of writing a psychological report that evaluated my son psychologically, neurologically, behaviorally, cognitively and his learning ability.  The report was exceptionally comprehensive, and provided knowledge, wisdom and insights regarding my son’s overall mental health and cognitive abilities. We learned his strengths, weaknesses and diagnosed disorders in all areas tested, and that knowledge has helped us tremendously in determining the course of treatment in his residential program and interventions at home with therapy, coping skills, academic accommodations, and social skills. The information was also helpful in determining the kind of medication my son required. Dr. Gullickson was pleasant and eager to help my son and our family in every way. She clearly explained the results and diagnoses of the psychological evaluation; giving me a lot of time to ask questions regarding the results of the assessments as well as understanding better how to help my son. She provided innumerable recommendations for the residential care team as well as for his teachers and our family. Her report will be of benefit to my son and our family for many years.

— Parent